Makeup Geek, Contour Powders

Makeup Geek just launched (Jan.27) their contour powders. And they are BOMB. I never thought I could be a contour girl, bc they always looked so severe on me. Or maybe I wasn’t doing it right, which is totally possible. But these powders are perfect! First of all, Makeup Geek thought of everyone and everything. They have four cool and four warm tones in varying shades. Makeup Geek’s CEO, Marlena, made a swatch video of all 8 shades. I love that they’ve expanded upon the idea that all contours don’t have to be cool tones, because those types of shades didn’t mesh will with my undertones and I would look muddy. I ended up getting Warm Medium and Warm Deep. They look a lot lighter in the pan than on the skin.


Warm Deep left. Warm Medium right.


Warm Deep left. Warm Medium right.


Warm Deep left. Warm Medium right. These photos were taken under direct light.

SWATCHES, Warm Deep is on the left and Warm Medium is on the right.

In this photo of the pans, warm medium on left and warm deep on right


Warm Medium right. Warm Deep left.

For reference, I am NW47 in MAC and have medium deep skin with mostly red undertones and very little yellow.

These powders are silky smooth and blend out like a dream. Literally, after applying with one swipe of the brush you could almost be done. But, I like a more diffused look so I blend mine out. I use the Warm Medium for a daily subtle contour. When I am going for shock and awe and want leave every passersby gagging, I use the Warm Deep. It gives me nice definition without looking like I am wearing layers and layers of makeup…even though I obviously am. My only complaint about them is that you need to have a Z Palette or something like it. They only come in the pans. 10 out of 10 recommend. Makeup Geek, y’all did that!


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