Colourpop Super Shock Shadows!

Makeup is always an adventure to me. I sit down, start up my favorite beauty youtubers, and do whatever comes to me. I am by no means a makeup artist but I do pretty decent. However, sometimes I do end up looking a fool and have to start over. Yesterday, I was trying something new with my contour and I just looked like I had finished rolling around in mud. Lipstick is usually my saving grace. I mean, its not the most complicated part of makeup but I have a decent sized canvas and am brave with color choices. ANYWAY. Back to the point of the post…Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows are my frenemies. I love the concept but the whole application business makes me nervous. So, the other day I went on an adventure with them. Actually it was more like a journey to the rainforest, where I lost my map, one shoe, and got chased by a wild animal. Let me get back on track. I wanted to play in my Colourpop shadows because I have like 15 and if I am gonna own something I might as well use them. I needed two transition shades so I did use my Morphe 35P palette but for the lid and outer corner I used the Super Shock Shadows. I know for the best color pay off they suggest that you use your fingy, but I am not there yet, okay! Also, I have hooded lids so applying shadows with my finger makes me even more nervous. I wanted a more precise application so I used brushes. For the glitter shadows I wet the brush.

shadow 1


shadow 2

shadow 3

I used the Morphe 35P Palette for two of the transition shades. For the lid and inner corner I used two shadows from Colourpop’s collection with Kathleen Lights. On the actual lid is Porter and the inner corner is Weenie. When I wet the brush I could really see the gold flecks in Porter and I LIVED. Its a gorgeous shadow. Then the rose gold of Weenie was a perfect compliment. Kathleen did an amazing job on this collaboration, and soon I will do a whole look with the Where the Night is Quad. For more depth in the outer corner I used, Central Perk. Its a really pretty matte burgundy shadow.

I definitely had to prime my eyes to make sure there was no transfer, but I have to do that anyway bc of my hooded lids and I like my shadows to last five-ever. I didn’t line my lids bc I wanted the shadows to stand alone. And I love a clumpy, voluminous lash look so I put on about 4 coats of Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. And lastly, if you are feeling the lips its a combination of Kat Von D’s Exorcism and Bauhau5.

Photos by Alexis Schwallier. 


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