KOYVOCA Swatch and Review!

I am using March as my makeup hiatus. I am not buying any makeup and I truly feel like I am about to die. Am I being melodramtic? Absolutely. Do I even care? Absolutely not. Prior to this hiatus I ordered from Koyvoca, Makeup for Dark Skin. Its a black owned business based out of DC. The price range is great. I think the most expensive thing I saw on the site was 16 dollars. They make everything to order, so I had to wait a little minute before it showed up. I think I got it in about 12 days. And boy am I glad because my makeup heartache has been soothed for a couple of days.

I orderd the kv Classic Setting Powder in medium deep, the Hi-Life Highlighter in Liquid Gold, and the Contour Stick in Aphotic. Everything I ordered from Koyvoca is extremely pigmented! The highlighter holds true to the name. It is GOLD and gorgeous. When I first swatched it I literally had to catch my breath. The formula is super creamy and blends out beautifully. The contour stick was a bit difficult for me to move around on my face at first but, I am pretty sure thats because it was cold. Once it sat in my room for awhile and not in the cold mailbox it applied much better. The color was a true match to what I saw online.  And finally, the Setting Powder…I think this was by far my favorite product out of the bunch. It is finely milled and gives my makeup a beautiful finish and staying power. This is the first loose setting powder I have found with such great pigment and lasting power.


From Left to right: Contour Stick in Aphotic,Hi-Life Highligher in Liquid Gold,kv Classic Setting Powder in medium deep


These are the above products blended out.

I definitely have plans to order more things from Koyvoca. I really want to try their lipsticks. They have some beautiful nudes for people of color. The quality and price range is on point and supporting black owned businesses is important! Until next time!

Photos by Alexis Schwallier.


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