Sisters that Slay Together…

My sister graciously provided her time and face for me to practice on another human. She was the perfect first “client” because she was patient with me and we have known each other for like 25 years or something…so conversation was easy. Makeup is mostly just fun for me, but if it became a side hustle for me I would not be mad at it. I definitely need alot more practice before I charge anyone, but I intend to borrow as many of my friends and families faces as possible.

Tristan isn’t a big makeup wearer so I didn’t want to load her down with product. We started with a bit of color correction because she has some discoloration on her cheeks. I used Mac Studio Conceal and Correct Duo in Pure Orange/Ochre to correct. Tristan brought her own foundation, she uses Fashion Fair Oil Free Liquid Foundation. She has been loyal to this brand and specific product since her high school prom. I highlighted the high points of her face but only lightly because I didn’t want to give her a drastic look. And I reverse contoured with Sacha Buttercup powder because it gave a lighter affect than my usual contour stick.

For her eyes, I used my Morphe 350 Palette and put Porter from Colourpop on the lid. I am not gonna lie, I was super nervous about doing liner on someone else. I don’t always get that right on me, so I took a little bit of an easier route. I lined her top lash line with Kat Von D’s tattoo liner in Trooper and smudged it with a black shadow to fix any mistakes. That was more forgiving. Mascara was a bit nerve wrecking too, but only because I was worried about stabbing her in the eye. BUT, it turned out fine. I put Better Than Sex on the top lashes and Roller lash on the bottom.

I let Tristan pick her lipstick. I expected her to go with a nude, but she surprised me. She chose my first Mac lipstick purchase in Viva Glam 3. Its not a bold color but its not super muted either. I think it perfectly complimented the look. On her cheeks I used a light touch of Mac Burnt Pepper and highlighted her cheeks with the NYX Ombre blush in Nude to Me.

Here are some photos of the look! As always the awesome Alexis Schwallier took them.

And here are some of us together!


Thanks, Tristan. You the best. ALSO. She has a self care blog, If you are a teacher or anyone struggling with your self care needs you should def check it out.  Until next time!


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