Spring & Summer Makeup Routine

In my past two posts I have mentioned that I live in South Carolina. Its notoriously hot and humid here. In fact the tag line for my city is “Famously Hot”, and it is so so so accurate. Being that it is hot and humid here I have to take precautions to keep the oil and shine at bay.

It starts with a good base. I choose primers that fill my pores and reduce shine. My two favorites are the Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Primer and Benefit’s Porefessional. Both of these keep my tzone looking flawless. For the perimeter of my face I use Nivea’s Sensitive Shave Balm. That stuff is magic, my contour and highlight don’t fade at all!

My summer foundation is the Lancome Teint Idole. It claims 24 hour wear, but I have worn it for upwards of nine to ten hours and it has lasted with only 1 to 2 touchups needed. I have been applying mine with a beauty blender and letting it set for a couple of minutes before I add my concealer highlight. It definitely appears tacky at first but once it has a moment to settle it leaves a nice soft matte finish.

The most crucial step in this process are the products use to set the makeup. I have mentioned all but two of them on my blog. I use Sacha Buttercup powder as if my life depended on it. I set all my highlighted areas with it. And sometimes if I am feeling a little extra, I will brush it away and apply an additional layer. For my whole face I use Koyvoca’s KV Classic Setting Powder. I reviewed their products in a previous post. I couldn’t ask for a better complexion product. I mean, it blends all my makeup together seamlessly and keeps my face oil free. AND THE COLOR MATCH 10/10! If you haven’t visited this brands site, please please do. It is well worth it. Lastly, I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. This is the best setting spray I have tried. It takes away the powdery look and leaves a nice natural glow without any oilyness.

So here is my makeup like 15 minutes after I finished. Excuse the selfies, it was not an A1 selfie day and your girl was struggling. It was about 1130 am and already 86…yikes.


This is about and hour and a half after the first photo. I got to hang out with my brother today but he merely tolerated me for these pictures. IMG_0759.JPG


This was taken at 430pm. By this time there was some definite oiliness in my Tzone and my lipstick was due to be reapplied (popcorn) but I did not blot so y’all could see how the makeup stood up to the weather. We saw the new Captain America and there was so much goodness to look at. If y’all don’t care about the action or the story line please go for Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) and Sebastian Stan (Winter Soilder).


Alright. The last two. The first one was just me being adorable on snapchat. And this one is right before I took off my makeup. And I am so done with the day. It was extra humid here bc it rained a tad bit but the sun never seemed to go away. The high was 94!


All things considered, I think my makeup did pretty well throughout the day. I am pleased with this routine I have developed. Comment below if you have any other suggestions or tell me what works for you! I hope this helped with your summer makeup routine! Thanks for reading! Until next time!!!


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