The Progressive Glo Up

Remember the first time you did a Full Face Glam look? And no one could tell you anything, you just knew you were BAD. Snapping selfies left and right. Posting those same selfies on social media with all the confidence in the world. But now a year later, six months later, shoot-a day later…you look at those photos and think “What was I even thinking”. That happens for me fairly often. I started this blog back in February and had been wearing makeup way before that. But my growth in the past year has been chartable.

So here is a list of five things I have learned based on personal experience…

1. No one wants to see a stubby wing. If you can’t do a winged liner, leave it alone. Please, practice at home but leaving your house thinking you are cute with one millimeter of wing sticking past your lash line is not the business. If you have hooded lids like me, check out Alissa Ashley’s winged liner tutorial. 

2. Your contour and highlight should be friends, there should never be an obvious, stark wall between them. BLEND. No harsh lines, its not cute.

3. Pairing a bold lipstick with a bold eye look detracts from one or the other. I am writing this one, as if I don’t do it still. I know a bright eye is best paired with a nude lip, but I can’t really seem to stop.

4. Set your face. Makeup is fun, but it is not a game. Do you want your foundation sliding off your face two hours after its applied?

5. The tools you use are just as important as the products. Don’t skimp on your brushes or sponges! You get wack application with wack tools.


This was 9 months ago. I know I thought I was cute. Screaming YAS KWEEN as I applied that lipstick. (Echo by KVD)


Me today. I am sure there is lots to learn and I am still taking car selfies but we have come a long way!

Thanks for reading! I know plenty of my makeup enthusiasts can relate. Comment below with your most memorable whoopsie! Until next time!


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