The Power of Makeup

On my jaunts through youtube channels, I discovered the Power of Makeup Challenge. I believe it was started by NikkieTutorials and most other Youtubers followed. She made the video because she felt like makeup wearers were being shamed for loving makeup. In the video she made a great point about the assumptions people make about makeup lovers; “you do it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you are insecure, or you do it because you don’t love yourself”.

I have encountered some of those same responses. People have said to me “who are you getting cute for” and “why are you wearing ALL that makeup”. The answer is always the same. FOR MY DAMN SELF. Makeup is one of the ways I express my creativity. And it is also a form of self expression. If I am wearing blue lipstick, chances are that day I am feeling particularly good about myself and I want to be bold. I have worked on self love for a long while. I love myself just the same, in or out of makeup. My self love comes from confidence within myself and recognizing my self worth, but I am not gonna pretend like makeup did not have something to do with that. Looking at myself in or out of makeup and appreciating all of my beauty (inner and outer) is essential to my continuous growth.


Here are some selfies I took for the challenge. I definitely enjoyed this challenge, and the meaning behind it. I plan to bring other youtube challenges to this here blog!

Thanks for reading! Comment below with any comments you have heard from beauty bashers and how you brushed them off. Until next time!




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