I keep mentioning in my posts that I live for a bold lip, so here I am making an entire post about them. It’s June and you won’t catch me wearing a nude lipstick. I am definitely aware that some silly folks think my plump-ish lips and skin color should keep me from wearing such bright colors. And I choose to disregard their foolery and ignorance. Shana Moore on Youtube created the #thepaintedlipsproject for people of color to share lip swatches and to celebrate their skin. She found that POC expressed “gratitude simply because it is rare to see mainstream products modeled on women with darker complexions.” I may not be on Youtube, but here is my contribution to #thepaintedlipsproject.

First up is Colourpop’s Matte X lippie sticks in Jenneration X paired with their liner in Taurus.


Next is Colourpop’s Matte X lippie stick in Climax.


Now I did a pink ombre lip. Sorta fuchsia. I used Kat Von D’s Bauhau5 and put Ofra’s St.Tropez in the center. Lastly, I put a tiny amount of Ofra’s Bel Air in the very center of my lips.


For my last look, I did the purple version of the previous look. I lined my lips in the Ellarie lip pencil from Colourpop. Over that I placed L.U.V. by Kat Von D and in the center I used Las Vegas by Ofra.


I really really enjoyed doing these! I think I am gonna make it a series. Lip products are my favorite beauty products to buy and play with. My lips are dry and sad now but it was worth it!

Thanks for reading, guys! Comment below with some of your favorite lip colors! I am always looking to try something new. Until next time!!


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