Thank you, Makeup

This is my thank you to makeup. If I was a poet, it would be my Ode to Glamour. If I were a songwriter, it would be a love song. If I were a playwright, it would be some long drawn out musical where the entire cast wore fuchsia lipstick. But anyway, on to the point of the post…

I sit at my cluttered table, light a candle, and start a video of my favorite youtuber (Jackie Aina, Alissa Ashley)  for inspiration or play some loud music. There is no dearth of goofiness ‘round here, so often times there is talking to myself, dancing, or lip syncing that goes down. A lot of this is chronicled on snapchat (taevans18). All of these extra nonsenses that have been added to my routine usually extend my makeup application to about an hour. Now, to some this may seem like an unnecessary amount of time, however; if you are me its perfect. The ritual of putting on my makeup gets me through the day. I don’t wear makeup everyday, but its like my little bit of therapy when I do. Its basically for me what yoga is to yogis. If I am having a particularly rough day or week I place makeup on like its my armor.

Makeup has done so many things for me in the past year. It has given me a true outlet for self expression and my creativity. And it has given me a skill to grow with and feel confident in. The power and confidence I feel in myself has reached a level that I didn’t expect or think was possible for me. And its not a superficial thing. Yes, it feels good to look in the mirror and like what you see-I do. But the beauty world has given me focus and determination. I had become complacent in who I was and I wasn’t trying to constantly learn or develop. But in the beauty world there is so much to know. So much that is new and things that are already established. Sometimes, I can get discouraged because there are plenty of people out there that don’t believe this is a valid hobby or even career. But I am happy. Posting on this blog and on my Instagram (Inconspicuousglamour) makes me happy. I love sharing my journey and all my fun discoveries with fellow beauty lovers. Thank you all for reading my blog and being a part of this fun for me.

These photos are just a small sample of my silliness and vanity!


Thanks for reading! Comment below with what your makeup routine looks like! Until next time!



  1. BEAUTYNATURE BLOG · July 9, 2016

    Great post




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