Sunset Mama Glitter!

Y’all. I always have like two back up posts written, because that’s the kind of bomb ass blogger I am. But sometimes I have to take pictures and that’s where I get lazy. Oop. But anyway, I am here to talk about a look I did and introduce you to a product that I am super proud of.

I love this blog and my beauty Instagram, I even dedicated a whole post to it. But I wanted to do more, sink my hands a little further in the beauty world. So, I decided the best way for me to do that was to make cosmetic glitters. I am not manufacturing the glitters in my home, but I am mixing crazy cool colors at my makeup table like a mad scientist.

I have three shades so far, but I am planning to do many more. They are up on my etsy store, GlamWizard, for 6.25 a piece and they are made to order. I am super excited, and will keep my blog family updated as I add more colors.

Now, on to the look I created. I used my glitter, Sunset Mama, named for a close friend of mine that loves sunsets and her son deeply. I am a vane person, not selfish…but vane. ANYWAY. My vanity causes me to be my toughest critic but I also acknowledge when I slay. And boy did I slayyyyy this look. The warm tones of the glitter were absolutely perfect for a fun summer look. I wore a nude lip because I rocked it in the day time, but I am sure you could vamp it up with a bolder lip for evening. I would do a ombre red lip. Correction. I WILL do an ombre red lip. All of the orange tones are from the Morphe 35O Palette. I have been drooling over the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renissance Palette and Sunset Mama would go with so many looks from that palette. (Sidenote: Isn’t it funny how the makeup obsessed will do anything to justify a purchase.)

Alright, I suppose we all want some evidence of the slay. Here goes…


Fun.Silly.Glamourous. My tagline. Hehe.


I was tryna be sultry. Did I do it?


This is an actual swatch of the glitter, Sunset Mama.

Oh also! Go check out my beauty Facebook page, InconspicuousGlamour. Thanks for reading! Until next time!



  1. Such a gorgeous makeup look! ❤


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