Black Smokey Eye!


HEY! This is a bit of a different post for me. I haven’t done a detailed look post since the start of my blog, with Colourpop Shadows. I thought I would revisit it because my skill has grown and I was super duper proud of this look.

For the longest time, I have been trying to master a smokey eye. And when I say A SMOKEY EYE, I mean one specific look created by one of my faves, Alissa Ashley. She described this look as “Sultry AF”, and that it was. This was one of the first videos I watched from Alissa. She is strikingly beautiful and talented. And I dig her quirky personality. The smokey eye she did is a completely black lid diffused with a series of brown shadows in the crease. I tried and tried and tried and I failed. But this time, I created a similar look and was satisfied. Alissa used several shadows out of the Dark Matter Stack from Melt Cosmetics. And as much as I want those shadows, they aren’t cheap and are often out of stock. To create my version of the look I used the Morphe 350 Palette. I am inserting a picture of the palette that I found on, so I could point out the shadows I used. I am pretty sure that watermark is from the app I used, Paint 2. Let’s get it!

Image 8-4-16 at 8.45 PM

I put a series of shadows in my crease to build up the brown. I numbered the shadows by the order I applied them in my crease. And combined shades 4&5 for the final crease color. Next was the black, for it to be completely opaque I used ELF’s Gel Liner and set the liner with Dark Matter from Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette. However, any black shadow could work. After that, I went back and forth between my final crease color and the black to create the dimension I wanted.

For the undereye, I applied the black liner I used on the lid in the waterline and smudged it with the Dark Matter and softened it with the #4 shadow from Morphe. Added top and bottom mascara and WAM BAM BOOM…eye look complete.

I wanted my lips to be subtle and mimic the actual pigmentation of my lips. I used Chesnut liner from NYX, a medium cool toned brown. And for the center, I applied Pasadena from Ofra, a nude pink

Basically, I did exactly what Alissa did in her video. I was super pleased by how it turned out. Alissa is incredible at explaining things and she has hooded eyes so I go to her for several techniques and look ideas.

I am gonna insert some photos that my angel and best friend took of me, Alexis Schwallier. I know I already mentioned this, but I was so psyched about how this look turned out!!!!


Thanks for reading, even though it was a completely different post than my usual. Until next time!!!


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