This post is a bit of a departure for me, and I maybe mention makeup once. But I wanted to share my feelings with you guys and this is my platform…so like…why not?

Women often feel the need to apologize for their confidence. Society tells us we are supposed to be meek and to be small; to not stand out. But listen here, I REFUSE. I don’t intend to spend my days apologizing for who I am, and how openly and completely I love myself. This love; it took work. It took a mantra, daily reminders that I am the shit, and lots of reprogramming. I am proud of who I am. Every part. Being black has become so much of my womanhood. My melanin is rich and I bask in it.

This post is inspired by a Nikki Giovanni poem, “Ego-Tripping (there may be a reason)”. I adore the poem and love every single line but my favorite line has to be “I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal, I cannot be comprehended except by my permission”. The entire poem means so much to me and my blackness. Being a black woman isn’t always easy. We get hate from outside our community and within our community. Black men aren’t always our allies. When we need them, they don’t always stand for us. But in turn, we are expected to be there for them. When they call for our voices, we are not hushed or quieted. We are heard.  Leslie Jones just received a full racist attack on twitter because she is a black woman. But like all bad bitches she bounced back, she is currently having a blast at the Olympics and documenting it on her Snapchat (LesDogggg). And it is not to say, just because she bounced back there was no pain caused. You can be strong and still get hurt. It’s human.

Recently, there have been so many women that are brazen and bold with their self-love. It’s inspiring. It fuels me and lights a fire to my already enormous ego. Beyonce, Serena Williams, and Michelle Obama are just a few of my well-known favorites. But my mama, she gave me the confidence to laugh and to enjoy my own company. I mean a gut busting, head rolling silent hiss kind of laugh. My sister, she knows just when to boost me and just when to tell me to have a seat. I have the right kind of women in my life. My aunts, cousins, and family friends give me the juice too.

Yesterday, I texted my sister that my makeup was so good that I had to Dab on ’em. Her initial reaction was to tell me to “STAHHPPP”, but then I told her “If I don’t boost myself, who will”. She hit me back with “You’re right! Positive self-talk!” It was a brief moment of my day, but it made me smile and had me feeling myself ALL DAY.



Snap of me dabbing because I looked so damn GOOD. (taevans18)


Thanks for reading, I know this post wasn’t necessarily makeup related but I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. And if you want to read the full poem by Nikki Giovanni, here’s the link. Until next time!!!


One comment

  1. momwithmuscles · August 14, 2016

    All black women have a story, though not always the same story, the common theme is the amount of resiliance we show in the face of adversity. The strength we have to endure from society as well as our own, as you have mentioned. Great post!


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