She’s back!

Y’all. I have been so incredibly slack with posting. And I miss it but I am obnoxiously busy. And I have been struggling to find some inspiration. And I wasn’t about to serve y’all with some half-baked posts. But now I am back and ready to be in this again!

This post is gonna serve as a life update and an update on the products I have gotten my hands on in this last month.

First. Great excitement. I was featured in an online publication. Beingbonded. It was founded by an amazing pair of women, Brittany and Sam, that wanted to explore the dynamic of the female friendship and just empower women as a whole. You can find the article here…Tori Evans: Flawless Face and Friendship That SparklesAnd while you are there check out the entire website, its worth the time. Promise.

Next. I got a new job. The only crucial thing about that is the amount of expendable income I will have for makeup, food, and beer.  OH, and I dyed my hair purple, so that’s fun!

Lastly. I got to do something super duper awesome. I got to work with a local non-profit, Peek a Boo Pretty Girl. They hosted a Girl’s Day and  had about 20 high school girls there for a day of self-love and self-care. I got to participate in the makeup workshop portion. I had a blast and would love to do it again. It felt wonderful to align my passions with some volunteer work within the community.

On to the fun part, and the beauty part. Purchases made!

Let’s talk about the not so great purchases.

  1. RCMA Makeup VK Palette. I got both palettes ,10 and 11, for client makeup. I had a client recently and I used it on her. It was hella chalky and didn’t warm up at all to blend. I added moisturizer to it in hopes that the consistency got better…but it didn’t. That’s gonna be a return.
  2. I have never ordered from Lime Crime before and didn’t have a problem with my order. But the product I received did not work for me. I have been on the market for a good burnt orange lipstick for awhile. And after I saw Iris Beilin wearing Pumpkin in a look, I fell in love. When I got the color it was a bit patchy and I ended up passing it on to a friend.


  1. I ordered a couple of limited edition palettes from Morphe. Coffee Toffee and Awesome Blossom. I always expect the best from Morphe and they definitely delivered!
  2. I have never ever been more pleased with the coverage of a foundation than with the Marc Jacobs Beauty, Re(marc)able Full Coverage Foundation Concentrate. They were not playing around! My face is beattttttttttt! And the match is perfect. My only critique would be to expand the line into deeper shades.

Here are some pictures from Girl’s Day! As always the photographer is, Alexis Schwallier.



Oh and the Purple HAIR! HEYYYY!

Feels good to be back! I got the juice again! Until, next time!



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