LaBronze, Four Time MVP

Hey, all!

I am not gonna even bore you guys with that whole thing where I apologize for my absence and try to explain it. I am just slack and busy. But I was not too busy to get my hands on that Jackie Aina x Artist Cotoure collab. Meaning, I made an elaborate plan to purchase it. I had two eyes watching it, and we got it done! Amen.

Jackie is incredible. Her Snapchat’s are like a feature film with the baddest, wittiest woman alive. She is basically the beauty world’s Rihanna. No fucks to give but slaying us one selfie at a time. OH, aaaannnnddddd she just hit one million subscribers on youtube. I am proud to be among that number. Congratulations Jackie!!!!

For the collaboration, Jackie created a true rose gold highlighter and named it Labronze. Witty name for a witty woman. Labronze is also her twitter and snap name if anyone wants to follow. Jackie stated in her video that she made Labronze bc she was missing a true rose gold highlight. There are far too many “rose gold” highlights that are more on the cool/ silver tone. This shade will work on ANYONE. The only requirement is to not be afraid of a glow because the highlight is a loose pigment and packs a wallop of shine. I choose to use a Morphe m510 when I am not playing any games and a fan brush when I want a more subtle beam. Extra tip! Spray a setting spray on top of the highlighter after you initially apply it, wait until its almost dry and then add some more. If you do that, you will need sunglasses for your own selfies.

I documented my order and obsession on Snapchat.


The people were not ready for this sheen!





She was too happy!



The collaboration is limited edition and sold out within the hour. They did bring it back, but that sold out too… Maybe, fingers crossed…they will bring it back one more time. The collaboration also includes Jackie’s four favorite Diamond Glow Powders in a cute mini form. Those are Illuminati, Conceited, Sugar Daddy, Double Take. And they are all incredibly beautiful. The collaboration is 49.99. I am sold on Artist Couture and even more in love with their CEO, Angel Merino.

If this collab launches again, those that don’t have it should definitely try and get their hands on it. Again, I want to congratulate Jackie on her one million, LaBronze, and honestly her life. Stay tuned for the next post…hopefully, it won’t take me two months. Until next time!


UPDATE! The last time to get it is tomorrow at 10 am PST!


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