New year, Same me, Better skin.

Here we go. Skincare.  New year, Same me, Better skin. I have oily skin, by the grace of God, my skin has not been acne prone. I do have a crop of pimples pop up every once in awhile, usually on my damn chin. And when those nasty zits rear their ugly heads they decide to hang on for what feels like years. And because of these super disrupting inconveniences, I am launching an attack on my pores in the form of mud masks. I have of course inserted some fun photos of myself in each mask. Oh, sidenote. And this is an especially timely post as my best friend and roommate, Alexis, pointed out to me that today is Friday the 13th. So this post is like in honor to Jason Voorhees or something and the mask that he wears. I am not super knowledgeable of horror movie type things because I am what you call a scaredy cat.

So I tried three masks, varied in pricing. So let’s talk about the one I liked the least, which happened to be the most expensive. The Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask. A long pointless name for a pointless product. It definitely made my skin feel softer but I didn’t notice any difference in my pores or enhance any dullness. I tried this mask three times and it didn’t dry down at all, which is something I find essential for a mud mask. This mask retails at 58.00. The brand carries several masks and I have tried two others. The 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Mask, which was also pointless but kinda cute because it was gold. Now they do have the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, which works beautifully, smells strong, and basically, polishes your skin. Love it. Seems like the shorter the name the better the product. These masks can be found online at or in stores.


Next is the one I liked moderately but wasn’t head over heels with. The Pixi By Petra Glow Mud Mask. I like this mask because it deeply cleaned my pores and left my skin feeling supes soft. This mask is 22.00 and definitely a great starter mask. It works well and is worth its price. I would suggest this mask to anyone with oily skin, big pores and on a budget. This mask can be found at Target.


Last. And certainly, the most effective mask is the Pur Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque with Pascalite Clay. Pur calls themselves the complexion authority and they are DAMN RIGHT. This mask tingles at first and dries down completely. I mean my face stalled. I could not react to anything. I am actually wearing it as I write this and usually I laugh at my hilarious prose but I am totally incapable of that at this moment. This could be irritating to some but you get such wonderful results. Your skin will tighten, your pores will close, and your skin will be exfoliated. Honestly. I cannot find a downside to this mask. It retails for 29.00, but with shipping and everything I paid 23.00 for mine with a discount code. The code is Jackie, after my constantly mentioned fave Jackie Aina. Get this mask and be blessed.  This mask can be found on Pur’s website or at Ulta. Online and in stores. ALERTTTT, do not wear this mask longer than the 20 minutes the bottle suggests. You will be in a pickle. Promise.


Thanks for reading!  I will update you all with the glorious wonders that this Pur mask has done for me in future posts. Comment with some good masks you have found for your skin that you would suggest for me! Until next time!!


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