Growing into the Slay

Before last year, the only month I cared about was April. I like the spring and more importantly its my birth month. April 28th more precisely if anyone wanted to send me an egift card…but now I love February. February was the month I decided to make the leap and write this blog. I didn’t know if I would be received or if my tone and voice would come across. At this point in my journey, I have realized a few things. Mainly, I love this blog and myself and am writing it for me but I welcome all who want to read. Secondly, my tastes and makeup style have changed and a good pair of lashes can upgrade a look and my spirits. Lastly, I will not force inspiration. I will let it come to me. I believe that is how my good auntie, Viola Davis, does things and I trust her implicitly.

This month is going to be so so much fun, y’all. I am going to post quite regularly. And I my wit and beauty is incomparable so that’s gonna be a blast for all of us. This is known. Watch out for the last post of the month, it is going to come with a bomb ass photo shoot. AND a cute lil giveaway.

SO after that lengthy but beautifully phrased intro, lets get into the meat of the post. I want to chat about my change stylistically in my makeup choices. At first I was like, “Tori, you cannot change your style…your started this blog to be a voice for those that wanted to slay on a lesser scale”. But then I discovered lashes and stopped being so shy with my highlighter and could not turn back. There was no fighting it once my own selfies were shaking me to my very core. But growth requires change and development. And that is exactly what I am doing and loving every moment of it.

Here is a lovely example of my slay development. Lashes. Matte full coverage foundation. Vampy lip. And an cute nose highlight.

With all that being said, my “mission statement” has changed a tad. I want to create an environment for any and everyone that loves makeup to come and join in on a productive discussion. I am not going to just talk about makeup, and never have… I have a lot to say about quite a bit. I am super proud and happy to be the owner of InconspicuousGlamour! Thanks for reading, until next time!


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