I need it…for my Collection!

Just because I haven’t been posting, does not mean I haven’t been buying. I’ve never had self-control, in practically any aspect of my life. I am not bragging about the characteristic, I just choose to call it “living in the moment”. So I lived in the moment all over Beautylish, Sephora, and countless brands’ sites. I don’t really browse. Honestly, what usually happens is I will be on Instagram or Youtube, follow a link, add to cart, and wait for the shipment to arrive. I have no control over the clicking, no other thoughts enter my mind besides “PRETTY…I WANT. It truly resembles a blackout moment. And when I have it in my hands, I swatch it, rub it on my face, snap a picture for the ‘gram, and repeat the cycle.

I am quite happy with the majority of my purchases. I bought a number of items. Quite a few, never too much. I am only gonna hash out a few of them in this post. Nothing like a deep review, I just want to share a few thoughts of my purchases with other makeup lovers and collectors.

I like, every brown girl beauty blogger had an obligation to try the Laura Mercier Medium Deep Translucent Powder. My thought on it ….yayayayayayayay! It just melts so beautifully and perfectly into the skin. I purchased the CoverFX Matte Setting Powder in Deep at the same time. And it has just been sitting in the corner chilling. I cannot even bear to try it because I do not believe anything will ever be comparable to Laura. I have a collection of setting powders, new and old, and I am planning to do a post on all of them. One post to review them all! But for now, for a more concise review on the Laura Mercier, watch Jackie Aina’s video on it.



Laura on the left. Cover Fx on the right. See how much cooler toned the Cover Fx is. Now looking at them side by side, I may try and mix the two. Hmmm…

More high praise goes to Jouer. Their Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks are comfortable but not the most long wearing. They do happen to wear away beautifully. For the spring, they introduced two new colors. A lip topper and a matte lip creme, both of whom are named Rose Gold. And both of whom are stunningly beautiful. The eyeshadow palette that was launched for the spring boasts some incredible colors. The Springtime in Paris palette has bold, bright colors but also enough flexibility to make everyday looks. My one major critique of the palette is there is not a deep enough crease color for everyone. That is honestly my biggest gripe with most eyeshadow palettes, I end up having to make my own Z Palettes to get a cohesive palette that works for me. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it here but Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance palette is truly the most versatile palette in my whole collection. I find the formula and the color story simply breathtaking…and that is not hyperbole.




Rose Gold Lip Creme, Rose Gold Lip Topper, Stila Rose Gold Retro




Jouer Palette, the colors read a bit deeper in this picture. 



This look was courtesy of the Jouer palette. Nothing too extra but a splash of dazzle!



I just want to quickly make note of two more products that had fairly recent launches. Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Shadows.…CHILE! I got the color Rose Gold Retro. I only bought one to start, tried it, went to add more to my cart, and it was sold out. Stila. Like I just want to take this moment to personally thank you for making it so easy to slay. It forreal looks like, there was so much effort put into any look where this product is used. I’m…I’m…lost for words at the pigment and beautiful simplicity of the product. Just go buy it…please, and tell me how it worked for you.

Lastly, Makeup Geek launched some lip products a few months back. I hadn’t gotten my hands on any of them, so I finally committed and went for the Showstopper Creme Stains because I read that they were limited edition. BUT it’s not really seeming that way. I feel like some brands say limited edition and the product is around for a whole year. But whatever…I got my hands on three shades. I knew the opacity wasn’t supposed to be crazy because they are a “stain”. The lasting power is great and they are comfortable. And my favorite part of the formula is that it’s a creme, so it doesn’t emphasize or settle into the lines into my lips. In order to get the best payoff from the pigment, I put foundation and powder on my lips. The lipsticks are definitely buildable, I would suggest letting the coats dry in between layers. Jackie Aina and Ckey did some good swatch videos!



MUG Creme Stains. Grapevine, Twerk, Salsa. Twerk definitely needs more building up than the other shades.

I’m a collector. So, like, I need all of these products. Like…duh. It’s funny because as I am writing this post, the Sephora VIB Rouge sale is going on. And I was like, “Tori, you don’t need anything, please STOP”. But I, of course, didn’t. And bought three new face products and then went right over to Morphe…ended up with a new foundation brush that will act as surplus. But again, I am a collector…and that will always be my stance.


Thanks for reading! Until next time!





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