Faced with Loyalty

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty…in my Rihanna voice. I am a loyal person. I am not bragging on myself, I only made that statement to say my loyalty has driven me to complete lunacy. It is super easy to be loyal to friends, family, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Because they are a staple. They have me and I have them. Somewhere along the way, I developed a complex about being loyal to my face products. And have only managed to stay loyal to one…Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing Powder in Deep 4. I have sworn a sacred oath to that bronzer and if I ever betray it may I knock my limited edition Labronze highlight to the floor. If you know me or read the post on the highlighter you will know how serious this is to me.

But back to my ridiculous mindset when it comes to face products. In my mind eyeshadow palettes, lippies, highlighters are interchangeable because they affect the look you are going for in that moment. But for my face products, I worked so damn hard to find things that worked for me. It was a hard fought battle. With the shade range foolery, this oily skin I am working with, and the many primers I played the face lottery with. I was so determined to find one product for every part of the base, so being faced with several that just fell into my lap feels…wrong. Simply, wrong. And now I have managed to come up with several base products for every occasion.

Now that I have spent a mini fortune and sampled a myriad of products, I want to share my favorites.



Hourglass Mineral Veil: $54.00 for 1oz, $19.00 for travel size, I bought this because of my beauty inspiration, Jackie Aina, reviewed it. I only got the travel size because 54 is a bit much for a primer but I love it so much, that once it’s time to rebuy I may go for the 1 oz bottle. Pro Tip, the primer creates a purple hue on your face so make sure you don’t slather too much on because the hue will end up coming through your foundation.

Becca EverMatte Poreless Primer: $36.00, This primer has changed the whole game for me. I put this primer in my tzone, whenever I am going for that full coverage matte look. It dries down quickly, so don’t put it on your face until you are ready to blend it out. Pro Tip, do not rub it in your skin PAT it in. This will make it the evermatte, everlasting primer it claims to be.

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Primer: $36.00, The name says it all. ICONIC. I don’t have anything more pore filling and smoothing in my collection. It was the first primer I bought, and I have purchased it again and again. If you are someone that is concerned about texture, this is the primer for you.



Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation: $47.00, I have bought this three times over. Lancome does an excellent job with their shade range, one of the many reasons I will forever purchase their products. And on top of that, the foundation is full coverage, provides a semi-matte finish, and is exceptionally long lasting. This is the foundation I wear if I am going for a day long wear. Pro Tip, this foundation is thick and I advise blending it out with a sponge.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick: $46.00, Every damn skin type and anyone that loves makeup needs to buy this foundation. It is so beautifully full coverage and smoothing on the skin. It has a satin finish, which is something I would usually run away from. But this foundation has the ability to be full coverage and still mimic skin. It is expensive for the amount you get, not the standard 1 oz that comes in the majority of foundations, but it is so worth it. I have had such difficulty finding a natural full coverage foundation that I want to hype this one up until my fingers cramp. I am gonna get additional shades to contour and highlight with. Go buy it and let me know what you think! And their shade range is dope too! Pro Tip, blend this with a flat top kabuki brush for ultimate coverage pay off.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup: $39.50, So……this foundation smells like wet paint. Which is definitely not my favorite part of the foundation. But the coverage of this foundation is sickening. Matte. Like this foundation is shellac. This is for a long night out, where you plan to dance, sweat, and sing karaoke. Pro Tip, do not add too much powder or you will end up looking cakey.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: $30, NARS can have every little bit of my coin. I bought this when I didn’t know anything about makeup. I loved it then and now that my knowledge has expanded my love for it has as well. Nothing is more satisfying then highlighting with this concealer. It blends seamlessly and doesn’t crease on me. NARS has a shade range that rivals some of my other favorite brands. I find that brands that are established and have been sitting in their greatness for awhile tend to be less racist and more inclusive. Brands that aren’t marketed towards the world’s Taylor Swift’s and Katy Perry’s. But that is a whole other post, and I have written about it here…exactly a year ago. Pro Tip, let this concealer sit for a good 30 seconds to a minute before you blend it. Adds to the full coverage nature of the product.

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer Creme: $26.00, This is full coverage AF, I pair this with the Estee Lauder, it performs exactly like the Double Wear in concealer form. It blends great AND doesn’t crease. The doe foot applicator has an angle so it fits into all the corners and crevices of the face.  And again she kills it with the shade range!

Thanks so much for reading, I was gonna post some honorable mentions and drugstore but the post got a little long. I may do a separate post for that. Until next time!


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